Parents Lab

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 Reducing Power-Struggles with Teens – Lab            

 Online course: EBook and 5 weekly calls with teaching and Q&A

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 Triumph! Lab

 7 Steps to heal childhood trauma and become the best parent.

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Happy Parents, Happy Home! Lab

7 Weeks Home Study Course  

Plant the seeds for a life-long positive, deep connection with your children!

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Respect Lab

7 Essentials for real heart-based, not superficial, respect in the family and environment.

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 Energy Psychology Lab

Tools to change difficult behavior and  mental/emotional issues. 

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 Blending Families Lab

Blending  two families together is a challenging and very rewarding journey

  The Bully Lab

Proven tips that work, without hurt, blame or shame. 

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Harmonious Family Lab

                                   Heartbased, Mindful Parenting