Heartbased Solutions LLC, has answers for Conscious Heartbased Education, and offers resources for families, schools and communities. We promote conscious parenting, parenting blended families, compassionate communication and non-punitive discipline.

Dedicated to raising the global awareness of compassion and peaceful conflict resolution,  we empower parents, teachers and caregivers with tools and information about joyful parenting, how to create a happy home and a discipline model based on love and respect.

 The subconscious mind contains the collected data of our entire life, is the driving force of our behavior and exists of energetic substances that impacts our lives and our happiness/well-being today. Clinical psychology research has shown that traumas are stored in the limbic brain for at least 3-7 generations. This meahappy children happy homens that we can be connected to the negative experiences of several generations who came before us.

Children out of deep loyalty, unknowingly and  unconsciously can carry the burdens of past generational traumas. For example, a child with unexplained anger or feelings depression seems to be related to the traumas of a grandfather who has been suffering in a war.

In order to really thrive and live your full potential, recognizing, healing or releasing trauma’s and limiting beliefs is imperative. Chronic emotional and physical suffering, troublesome relationships can be a sign of traumas in the family legacy: epigenetics, the morpho-genetic fields as are defined in science of biology. Angry father-angry son-angry grandson. Sad mother-sad daughter…, can be expressions of these generational epigenetic transmissions. To discover and release those disturbances and for virtually any complicated issue my work can help you to make changes as I have helped many, many others.

It’s time to begin the healing of our hearts,

to move from a closed to an open heart.

If you are curious about your child’s development or behavior or simply searching for fresh ideas and solutions rather than antiquated advice, then you’re in the right place!

You really can have happier, more connected, more authentic relationships without daily power struggles – no matter what age your child might have! One day you will say: I LOVE being with my teenagers!

I’d like to offer you some new alternatives, not by telling you what to do, but by awaken your own insights and resources. Your current paradigms might be shattered and I certainly will inspire you to create different relationships. Your family life will be more harmonious. You want your child to be successful in life, in all areas, but how do you do that?

Fortunately, we’ve seen that when parents use the right tools, they can change their child’s problem behavior—quickly and dramatically.

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