BUTTON child

Very sensitive and Intuitive

Hyperactive, restless



Stressed because of school








black boy





unhappy girl

Father comforts a sad child. Problems in the family

or suffering from several of these issues?  

Or has your child experienced Divorce, Adoption or Loss ?

I would love to help.

There is great benefit in combining psychology, spirituality and energy psychology. And benefit in learning Crystal Clear Communication, WHAT to say instead of what NOT to say.

A diagnostic label shows only a part of the entire “picture”,  the being of your child. The Foot Print Emotion Mapping method could give insights from deep hidden places. Many children come into this world with a special agenda. Not easy for them. Not easy for their parents.  It is our task to help the children to become  joyful and happier.

Any Issue could be related to what is happening, or has happened  in the child’s life. But… 

If no answers are found, it would make sense to look deeper and further into the possibility of transferred trauma, passed down through generations. 





Please watch these videos and read some of my blog-posts on both websites.



“Parents can’t choose the mates of their children or the behavior of their children. You actually can’t choose anything for your children without dis-empowering them.”

Abraham Hicks


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